Our family is gearing up for our first ever family vacation. It’s quite an ordeal when there are eight of you. We are all pretty excited and if you know us personally you have probably heard way too much about how excited we are. One of my first thoughts when I began thinking about what we would need was “Do my girls have unstained clothes? Do they have fresh underwear?” I’m hoping that’s a normal mom thought and not that I’m just crazy. Don’t tell me otherwise, please. 🙂

My twins have been a study in human behavior and interaction. (Stick with me, this correlates, I promise.) They are fraternal twins and basically only twins in birthdate. They have been different from day 1. One girl is a night owl. One girl is a morning person. Like, Disney princess, sings to greet the day, morning person. One loves math. One can’t, for the life of her, remember what a number 7 looks like. One loves clothes and fashion and cleanliness. One wears the same clothes for days and rolls in the mud. Until just this year they shared all their clothes. They have always been different sizes but the difference was not enough to mean different sized clothes. This year one has dramatically grown taller and the other has not. They finally need different sized clothes. The added benefit has been that the one who is naturally neater now doesn’t have to share stained clothes.


Old habits do die hard though. I rarely sew for these girls because the items would usually get destroyed. And now it’s the competition. If I sew for one I have to sew for the other. One thing I haven’t worried too much about is undies. It’s a small item that they think is special and I get to use scraps and old clothing repurposed. And here in lies the reference to vacation preparation. My Wednesday sewing night this week was spent on making a couple pairs of undies. I only got three pairs made because I also had to clean my basement. 🙁 But sewing is sewing, no matter how long, and I have a finished product to show for it. I used the Scrundlewear pattern from Stitch Upon a Time. I’ve used this pattern so many times I could probably make them with my eyes closed. They sew up so fast. It’s a humid, dreary, nasty day here in the midwest, so enjoy these dreary lighted pictures. 😛