Guys! I found something awesome that you are going to want to check out. Winter is quickly upon us and it’s jacket and coat time again. If you have a little one that still needs are carseat you know how frustrating this time of year can be. Coats don’t fit in carseats. Last year, to solve this problem, I made my little one a fleece cape. It kept her warm but also allowed the seat belts to buckle under the cape, keeping her buckled in tightly. I self-drafted her cape using just her measurements. It worked fine but I found something better for this year. Stitch Upon a Time recently updated and made free a cape pattern with tons of options. You can find it here: Riding Hood Poncho. The favorite feature in our house is the pockets. It also has snaps to create faux sleeves. I used a zipper but you could use snaps instead. I think I missed a golden opportunity in not making a red one (Little Red Riding Hood). As easy as it was to make I may just need to make that a reality.