Wednesday is my sewing day. After he gets off work, my husband comes home, picks up the older kids, and they take off for their weekly youth group meeting. After an easy dinner, I turn on a movie for my four little girls and I retreat into my sewing room. Having a dedicated sewing area makes all the difference in the world. When my oldest was little we lived in a tiny apartment. Every time I wanted to sew I had to drag all of my supplies out to our tiny kitchen table and then put them all away by dinner time. It was a lot of work and often detoured me from sewing. Having my own sewing space allows me to do a little here and a little there all week long. But on Wednesdays I really sew.

This week I finally cut into some mystery sweater knit I had been holding onto for a while. will send you a coordinating yard of sweater knit for $5.50 with any order and I can never resist. It wasn’t quite enough for a full sweater so I added some silky white ITY knit fabric I found at JoAnn’s. I used the Cocoon Cardigan pattern from Patterns for Pirates. I made the tunic length with tall bands. I’ve made probably a dozen of these and tend to use the short bands the most but wanted something a little different this time. I think it will look really cute with jeans once our stupid midwest weather decides to cool off. (We are looking at near 90 degrees for the foreseeable future.)

My middle-ish child is my go-to photographer for any picture I can’t take myself. She’s pretty good for a 9 year old. My hair is undone and I have no make-up on so she graciously focussed on the sweater only.

I also had to make a Swan Lake themed cardigan for my tiny dancer. The girls pattern is called the Butterfly Cardigan. She loves the pockets.