Sewing swimwear can be daunting. The fabric is slippery, making it harder to sew. For women, it means shelf bras and cups. There’s lining and elastic…. Ok, let’s just quit and go buy something already made.
But we get to the store and we see our options. “Look at this lovely 1 square foot of fabric for a steal at $49.99!” We try things on and we start to get incredibly depressed about our body image. We decide we will never go to the pool again and buy a box of Oreo’s instead.┬áLadies! Let’s not give in to the hype and bullying of the fashion industry.

I first started sewing swimwear when I was 16 or 17 years old and I could not find anything that I felt comfortable in at the stores. I was a skinny, tall girl who felt awkward most of the time and just wanted something cute and modest. My mom took me to the fabric store and helped me pick out fabric, a pattern, and all the supplies I would need. All I had was an old sewing machine; nothing fancy. I wore that swimming suit until it fell apart and then stopped sewing swimwear after that. The pattern choices were lame and fabric was hard to find.

Welcome the internet! The world of fabric and patterns is wide open now. There are choices galore. I started sewing swimwear again last year. And once the bug bit me it took over. Each of my 5 girls got a minimum of two suits each. They even got swim caps. I made myself 4 suits.

What I learned about sewing swimwear is that if you go slow and take your time you can do it. It’s not hard, I promise. Anything you can imagine is possible. Last year I even made myself swim legging shorts, lined with swim undies. (Imagine, no nerves over possible butt cheek slippage.) Go for it! Give it a try. The reward vastly outweighs the risk.

This spring I was able to participate in the testing of 2 separate swimwear patterns, both by the same designer. The Children’s Mairin Swimsuit I wrote a post about already. Here is the Women’s Mairin Swimsuit. Each suit has about a million combinations possible from the included options. (Ok, maybe I am exaggerating. But only a little.) It was a pleasure to test these patterns. My older girls have their designs picked out and we are just waiting on fabric. I love that I just need one pattern and we can all have something very different.

Enjoy some photos of my pasty white, winter legs. ­čÖé