Every year I try to talk my kids into doing theme costumes for Halloween. Every year they completely disregard my ideas. Until this year, that is. I couldn’t talk all 6 into going along but I got 4 of them and that still counts in my book. I found this amazing pattern from Rad Patterns, the Kid’s┬áCosplaysuit, showed some examples to my girls, and they were on board. (There’s also adult sizes available for this pattern. You know you want to check it out.) Each girl picked their pony and I went to work.

Maggie was anxious to get to the candy. Can you tell? ­čÖé

This photo cracks me up because it is an accurate representation of their individual personalities.

No one told me My Little Ponies only had cutie marks on one side of their bodies. I got much flack for this. Can’t win them all, I guess.