A while ago, I can’t remember when, I found this amazing website called Sewing Portfolios. It’s a website to connect people who sew with people who make patterns and fabric. I’ve been able to test a few patterns for designers through this site. The creator of this site, Candice Ayala, hosted a contest this spring, along with Babylock and Michael Miller Fabrics, to create a new garment or accessory using repurposed fabric along with new fabric. I was so excited to join into this contest. I remake things all of the time.

Here’s a refashion I did last fall. Our family got to walk in the Thanksgiving Day Parade. The shirts they gave us to wear just weren’t working for everyone. I turned this adult size T-shirt into a romper for my then 2 year old.

This spring we got these awesome shirts from a parade we attended in our neighborhood. The girls really liked them but they were just too big. Hold on, girls! Mom’s got this.

I’ve even stolen a few of my husbands shirts and made them my own.

I entered the Upcycling Contest several times. Here are some of my entries.

And, you know what? I won first place!! Here is the entry that won all the marbles.

I used a pair of Jeremy’s old pants that he dropped salad dressing on. The grease spots would not come out, making these pants useless. I also used a lace-back shirt from the thrift store pile, along with 2 yards of Michael Miller cotton fabric.

One of my favorite aspects of this outfit, that I didn’t even realize until after I won, is that every pattern that I used is a free pattern. The only cost of this outfit to me is the two yards of new fabric. I used the Set Sail Hat from Patterns for Pirates, the London Dress from Violette Field Threads, and modified Walk the Plank PJ Bottoms, also from Patterns for Pirates.

My prizes included a Babylock Lauren serger. She’s a beauty and sews like a dream. I almost cried when I opened up the box.  And patterns! My prize package included 22 pdf patterns. It may take me all year to fully use all of my prize.

My prize also included 15 yards of fabric from Michael Miller. I have yet to receive this fabric at a month out, so we’ll see.

All of this got me to thinking. When the twins were 2 I did their entire summer wardrobe from online tutorials; no patterns. It was a lot of fun and stretched my thinking. I think it’s time I did something like that again. This fall I will be making Maggie’s entire wardrobe from free patterns with thrift store items, repurposed clothing, or clearanced fabric. My goal is to make each entire outfit for $5 or less. I will also be making notes on the skill level required for each item and will be having my girls join me in the sewing room to prove just how easy it can be. I’ve been busy amassing a large list of free patterns and I’m excited about the possibilities. Check back in soon to see what we come up with.